Avon Descent Power Craft Update

All power craft Avon Descenters must note the following reminders:

  1. Scrutineering – Hinds Reserve, Bayswater 8am to 10.30am
  2. Time Trial – Bottom of Bells Rapid to Middle Swan Bridge
    (12noon to 4pm – Last craft away 3.15pm)
  3. ENTRY PACKS will NOT be posted out.
    They need to be picked up from :
    Burswood Water Sports Centre.
    1 Camfield Drive, Burswood.
    Friday 17th July between 8am and 6pm
    This means you need to enter well before close of entries (same day) to ensure your pack is ready.
  4. Helmet Timing Chips will be issued for Time Trial.
    These are to remain on your helmet and be used for the race itself. You will not be issued new ones for the race.
    You MUST take your helmets to Registration on Friday 31st July
    and check them at the static test facility to ensure they are not
    damaged. If so, new ones will be issued.
  5. Refuelling, during the race, on Day 1 or Day 2 is NOT PERMITTED anywhere on the course, except at Start Line Day 1 and Cobblers
    Pool Pit Area.
  6. Cobblers Pool Campsite is a CANS ONLY AREA.
  7. Be very sure your craft is correctly registered with DOT as they will be checking.

Best of luck with all your practice and trials!


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