Avon Descent
Races & Formats

Participation in the Avon Descent is varied. In addition to the legendary 124km two-day race, there are a range of shorter events over the festival weekend, with something for everyone – regardless of skill level or time commitment.

Avon Descent Ultra 124 – single or double paddle, or powercraft

This is participation in the full, 124km course over the two days. 


Avon Descent Relay Team – team of 2 or 4

A great entry level class or as a way to compete together with friends. The course is split into eight race stages, with identified changeover points along the course. The team classes can include paddle craft from any of the other non-sundry classes.


Avon One Day Challenge – single or double paddle

Not sure you can complete the full 124km? Why not compete in the Super 30 or Super 50 race where you will race from Northam to Toodyay (Super 30) or from Northam to Cobbler Pool in West Toodyay (Super 50).


Super 50 for Powercraft

Don’t want to compete in the full race but still want some powerboat action? Jump into the Avon Power Challenge in any suitable craft with a 10hp or less motor to compete from Northam to Cobbler Pool (52km). Ages 14 and up!