Cobbler Pool Campsite

The Cobbler Pool Campsite is the Day 1 finish line and Day 2 start line. 

Camping passes can be purchased at the Cobbler Pool front gate or online here.

This pass provides one adult full access to the Cobbler Pool campsite for the entire Avon Descent weekend.

If you are buying multiple tickets please leave a note during purchase to indicate whether or not you will be sharing camping spots or be requiring multiple camping spots.

Note: Passes will not be posted. You will receive your wristband at the Cobbler Pool entry gate and must be worn during your stay at the campsite.

Children ages 12 and under are admitted free of charge.


Free entry for vehicles displaying the 'Support Crew' or 'Access All' stickers for up to two adults. More than two adults per vehicle will attract a $10 parking fee at each parking location Parking locations not under control of NADA such as Walyunga National Park will attract a separate parking fee.

Railway Safety

Trains will operate as normal through the Avon Valley over race weekend. Follow instructions from Arc Infrastructure employees when approaching and crossing the railway.

Pets & Animals

Pets are not permitted.

Food & Drink

Food Trucks may be in attendance.

When will
the boats arrive?

Depending on the Day 1 start time in Northam and the water levels, powercraft could start arriving at Cobbler Pool from 8.45am. Paddlers could start arriving from 11.45am.


On Day 2, paddlers will leave Cobbler Pool at 7am. Powercraft will leave around 12noon.