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5-6 August 2017


Distance: 124 km from Northam to Bayswater, Western Australia

Duration: 2 day split race

Competitive Format: Solo, Doubles, Triples, Teams of 2, Teams of 4, Half Distance

Ages: Juniors, Under 23, Open, Veteran/Masters

Craft: Power Dinghies, Canoes, Kayaks, Skis

Do you have what it takes? Can you take on the challenge?

Be a part of history HELL OR HIGH WATER

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  • Worldwide Coverage of the Avon Descent on CNBC
    What a great weekend we have coming up for the worldwide awareness of the Avon Descent. Our yearly 30-minute TV -special from 2016 will be aired on CNBC –  not only in Australia but also in […]
  • New Website Launched!
      The new Avon Descent 2017 website has been launched!   You will find a whole new look, improved navigation and updates to many of the pages. Some of the new features include: Visual […]

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Sam Pilton- Encouraging women to test themselves in the Avon Descent!

“Flee or Fight Back” could be the strategy for many participating in the Avon Descent, a 124 km white water race for Paddle and Power boats, running from Northam to Bayswater, along the Avon and Swan Rivers, but for Sam Pilton, the call was quite different.  “I felt I was more mentally prepared last year

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Worldwide Coverage of the Avon Descent on CNBC

What a great weekend we have coming up for the worldwide awareness of the Avon Descent. Our yearly 30-minute TV -special from 2016 will be aired on CNBC –  not only in Australia but also in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. If you live abroad or have international friends, who have always

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Doug Hodson – a cancer survivor proves that anyone can do it!

Sixty year old cancer survivor Doug Hodson of Wembley Downs shows that anyone can be a part of the adventurous Avon Descent, if they are willing to put in the effort. Doug Hodson was born in Kenya and has retired from a long career in the oil and gas industry. During this time, he and

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Anyone who stayed at the Bayswater finish line long enough would have witnessed something that probably illustrated the spirit of the Avon Descent more than anything else. As exhausted paddlers pushed into the strong south- westerly , a blue power dinghy glided slowly and silently around the jetty at Riverside Gardens, its crew forced to

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“Close-up” Interview: Rosalie Evans

If any sport-minded mums are wondering what to do when the children grow up, ask Rosalie Evans. She’ll say: “Have a go at the Avon Descent” Rosalie started when she was aged 45. She’s now in her 60s, still going strong and she can tell some great stories. She has entered in both paddle and

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“Close-up” Interview: Michael Prosser

Top power boat contender Michael Prosser was introduced to the Avon Descent at the Cobbler Pool campsite playing with Lego boats in the creek while his dad competed. “I spent my childhood wondering what this place called ‘the valley’ was all about!,” said Michael, who is preparing for his 10th Avon. Soon after reaching the

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“Close-up” Interview: Brent Dunbar

The individual struggle on the river is apparent during any Avon Descent, but teamwork is also a vital part of success in a number of classes. The multiple paddle craft and power dinghy teams need to fine tune their judgement and understanding, especially in power where the wrong call is almost impossible to reverse and

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“Close-up” Interview: Darryl Long

There is a very good chance veteran paddler and record holder Darryl Long will finish his 35th Avon Descent this year. When he does it will be another personal triumph for Darryl, but, this time tinged with sadness. In January, Darryl’s partner Sue Quick died as the pair set out to paddle the Blackwood River.

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“Close-up” Interview: Kevin and Wendy White

We have the Avon Descent, South Africa has the Dusi. Kevin and Wendy White have done them both. Kevin’s first impression of the Avon in 2009: “Its hard, if it was in South Africa, it would be a three-day race”. He completed his first valley run on his own, starting out at lunch time. It

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“Close-up” Interview: The Liddle Family

For the Liddle Family, the Avon Descent has truly become a family affair. While relatively new to paddling, Dad and Mum, Pete and Jane, have been joined by daughter Baillie and son Michael to share their love of the white water challenge. The Liddles live quite near the Swan at Baskerville. They bought kayaks about

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“Close-up” Interview Terry Bolland

Most people who have paddled the Avon Descent have been influenced one way or another by legendary competitor Terry Bolland. For Terry, the event is as much an opportunity for adventure as it is an annual race. In fact, he has created a number of his own personal versions of the event. Not satisfied with

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“Close-up” Interview Jay Branson

Power dinghy racer Jay Branson has a simple philosophy that sums up his approach to the Avon Descent: “the boat’s either on the podium, or on the trailer”. It is this Bayswater or Bust attitude that has produced some of the most spectacular racing in the event’s history . The records show that his often

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The continuing trend of lower winter run-off has prompted the organisers of the Avon Descent white water classic to adopt a fresh approach to secure the future of the event. Rather than backing away in the face of lower water levels, the Avon Descent is facing the challenge head on and urging competitors to do the same.

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“Close-up” Interview: Alastair Beaton

The leading paddler points the single kayak towards the river bank as the rousing cheers grow from the finish line crowd. He makes sure the last few paddle strokes are as strong and smooth as the first that shot him away from the start line the morning before. As he collapses forward with a mixture

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RaceHUB! – New initiative for 2016

The Cobbler Pool Rejuvenation Committee is pleased to announce our first Avon Descent initiative of 2016 – RaceHUB! The RaceHUB will take form of a large marquee providing a central focus for competitors, support crew and spectators. It will include specialist areas including Race Timing, Official Information, Media, ASU, Medical, Campsite Operations and Avon Descent

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“Close-up” Interview: Dave Worthy

In 1980 Malcom Fraser led the coalition to a third federal election win, the pac­man game was invented, Australia’s Alan Jones won the world Formula One championship and a new Commodore cost $7903. That was also the year 16 year old Dave Worthy paddled his first Avon Descent…and he hasn’t missed one since. Spend any

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“Close-Up” Interview: Kerry Barden

“Close-Up” Interviews with Significant Avon Participants: Kerry Barden, Powerboat, getting ready for 23rd race The Barden family’s long association with the Avon Descent typifies the spirit of community that has sustained the event for much of its history. Kerry Barden’s initial involvement also followed a familiar pattern, drawn into having a go after seeing husband

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Opportunities Workshop

The Avon Descent Opportunities Workshop was held at the Burswood Water Sports Centre on Sunday 10 January, the first initiative of the new 2016 NADA Board. Representatives from NADA, Canoeing WA, PDRC, WCDRC, SLSWA and the Avon Support Unit helped facilitator Greg Kaeding devise some amazing strategies for the 2016 Event and beyond. The promise

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