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WA's unique paddle and power dinghy river race

 Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 August 2018 

124 km from Northam to Bayswater

Solo, Doubles, Triples, Teams of 2, Teams of 4 or One-Day Only

Juniors, Under 23, Open or Veteran/Masters

Power Dinghies, Canoes, Kayaks, Skis, SUPs, Ocean Racers

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Avon Descent News

  • Avon Descent 2017 Documentary: Water Warriors
    When: Saturday, September 02 at 2pm WST Where: Channel Ten Join us for an exciting 60 (!) minutes to relive this amazing weekend!   […]
  • Safety Briefing 2017!
    The Directors and Management Crew of this year’s Avon Descent wish all competitors and their support group the very best and hope safety will be high on everyone’s priority list. It is expected that […]
  • Tribute to Les ‘Superman’ Somers
    Les “Superman” Somers was a fierce and determined competitor over 40 years, competing in extreme sports with considerable success at not only regional but also state and national levels. After his […]
  • Parking – Avon Descent Weekend
     Traffic Information for Spectators DAY ONE – Saturday 5 August 2017 BROOME TERRACE, NORTHAM Pit Area operated by: Northam Lions Road closures in place from 10:00 am Friday 4 August, 2017 […]
  • The updated Avon Tracker!
    The Avon Tracker mobile app is designed for the competitor only. Support Crews access the data via the Avon Descent website. Ensure you have the current version from your App/Play Store.   SETUP The […]
  • 2017 Belmont Belter Results!
    The results for the first ever Belmont Belter paddle race are now available! Congratulations to the place winners […]
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Recent Articles

Tribute to Les ‘Superman’ Somers

Les “Superman” Somers was a fierce and determined competitor over 40 years, competing in extreme sports with considerable success at not only regional but also state and national levels. After his tragic passing in June 2017, his friends decided to race Les’ Spirit Double Ski ‘Black Betty’ – distinctive black and yellow stripes, with which

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2017 Belmont Belter Results!

The results for the first ever Belmont Belter paddle race are now available! Congratulations to the place winners and all of the competitors. All valid entrants are eligible for priority grid placement on Day 1 of the Avon Descent Results are available here or click Competitors > Results > Belmont Belter from

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Kevin Lucas: The man behind the lens!

If you want a man who’s streamlined, sharp and serious – then Kev Lucas isn’t the guy for you but his photographs certainly are. Whilst the world of sports photography might suggest someone needs to be as disciplined as its subjects or as fierce – Kev certainly doesn’t take himself that seriously. He’s a mad

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The Belmont Belter Paddle Race

  Avon Descent Scrutineering has just gotten that extra bit more exciting in 2017 with the introduction of the Belmont Belter!   This Qualifier race pits the top paddle competitors of the Avon Descent against one another in an 11km sprint to claim the top grids on Day 1 of this year’s Avon Descent. Only entries

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Shaun Collins: How the Avon Descent helped a young man out of depression!

The Avon Descent has meant so much to many people over the years, and few can say this more than Shaun Collins. After years of a chronic depression, he entered the Avon Descent to help his recovery. It has given him a passion outside of work and strengthened bonds with family and friends. Shaun started

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Safety Competency in 2017

Each year the Avon Descent brings with it many changes and news initiatives and 2017 is no exception. In addition to a revised system of paddlecraft classes and the new requirements for paddler helmets, we have also made changes to the rules regarding paddler safety competency.   What are the Avon Descent safety competency rules for paddlers in

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The Fenn’s – A story of a special father- daughter bond and 40 Avon Descents!

Powerboating is all about the team- effort. You need to find a partner in crime that you can, not only trust but especially rely on in every situation. Who would be a better crew member than your own father? That’s what medical scientist Mahony Fenn from Wattle Grove thought as well. Even though they may

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Brad Harvey: Novice paddler prepares for his first Avon Descent!

Even though the Avon Descent is filled with seasoned competitors, it doesn’t stop novice athletes from attempting the gruelling 124km white water rafting race. Brad Harvey is one of these competitors. Growing up in Western Australia, Brad had heard of the Avon Descent throughout the years, yet a busy life and constant travelling had prevented

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Luke Dooley – the ‘Kalbarri Kid’!

Luke Dooley, known as the ‘Kalbarri Kid’, is a formidable force in the paddling scene while balancing the life of a typical teenager in his final years of high school. Being in year 11 at John Forrest Secondary College in Morley, he is still unsure of the future but knows that kayaking will certainly be

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Cyprian Ubah – International work force for local community event!

Not many people are aware of the number of volunteers it takes to organise the Avon Descent each year. You would be surprised to find out that we have over 30 Management Volunteers and even more interesting is the fact, that over 80% have an international background. Having volunteers from all five continents working on

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The importance of water levels – An expert interview with Darryl Long!

With all the wet weather lately, it seems perfectly natural to wonder how this year’s Avon Descent could be affected. After all, the race has been a WA institution for over forty years.  A two-day event spanning 124 kilometres mixing paddle and power craft held on the Avon and Swan Rivers. It hosts a strong

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Josh Kippin – The Perth local who knows that only the sky is the limit!

“You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve” – this quote by J.K. Rowling is most pertinent to the success of the 26-year old Josh Kippin, from North Perth, who won last years’ single Kayak Marathon category in the Avon Descent. Josh started kayaking in the year 2000 at Ascot Kayak

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Matt Even – When racing with your best friend is the key to success!

There is an old adage, “If you want to go Fast, Go Alone. If you want to go Far, go Together”. Matthew Even, the 30 year old power dinghy racer hailing from Mahogany Creek suburb and his racing partner, Nick Gardner, did go far and fast to secure the second position in the Avon Descent

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Sam Pilton- Encouraging women to test themselves in the Avon Descent!

“Flee or Fight Back” could be the strategy for many participating in the Avon Descent, a 124 km white water race for Paddle and Power boats, running from Northam to Bayswater, along the Avon and Swan Rivers, but for Sam Pilton, the call was quite different.  “I felt I was more mentally prepared last year

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Worldwide Coverage of the Avon Descent on CNBC

What a great weekend we have coming up for the worldwide awareness of the Avon Descent. Our yearly 30-minute TV -special from 2016 will be aired on CNBC –  not only in Australia but also in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. If you live abroad or have international friends, who have always

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Doug Hodson – a cancer survivor proves that anyone can do it!

Sixty year old cancer survivor Doug Hodson of Wembley Downs shows that anyone can be a part of the adventurous Avon Descent, if they are willing to put in the effort. Doug Hodson was born in Kenya and has retired from a long career in the oil and gas industry. During this time, he and

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Anyone who stayed at the Bayswater finish line long enough would have witnessed something that probably illustrated the spirit of the Avon Descent more than anything else. As exhausted paddlers pushed into the strong south- westerly , a blue power dinghy glided slowly and silently around the jetty at Riverside Gardens, its crew forced to

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