Encouraging volunteer participation, physical and mental health and community engagement

Avon Descent Volunteering

The Avon Descent has a long and intimate history with volunteering with over 99% of its organising teams consisting entirely of volunteers. Over its 49 year history, Northam’s Avon Descent Association has engaged thousands of volunteers and hundreds of different volunteer groups to deliver our events.

Volunteer Groups

Are you a Club or Volunteer group looking for opportunities to be more active, spread awareness and find new fundraising opportunities?

Did you know?

Northam’s Avon Descent Association engages directly with volunteer groups to identify opportunities for engagement and fundraising and contributes more than $50,000 each year to local volunteer groups and volunteering initiatives.



We priorities engagement of volunteers in our key catchment areas as well as regional and disadvantaged groups:


Do Something

Keep active – mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and culturally. Go for a walk, say hello, read a book, meditate or pray.


Do Something with someone.

Keep connected – to friends, family, community and your culture. Join a book club, join a sports team, take a cooking class, go to community events.


Do Something meaningful.

Do something meaningful, important and valuable to you. Volunteer, learn something new, take on a challenge, take up a cause, help a neighbour.

Some of the many Groups we engage

West Gidgegannup Fire Brigade

Ascot Kayak Club

Scrutineering involves inspection and preparation of boats before the race and ensures boats are suitable for racing and in their correct competition classes.

Helping to get the competitors signed off the day before the race, collecting stickers and timing chips and handling any last minute issues.

Volunteer positions involved in running our events

Parking Official

Parking volunteers help to collect parking donations and coordinate the traffic in key spectators and festival locations across its 124km distance

Start Marshal

These support volunteers help to guide and coordinate boats and competitors in their correct grid order and to ensure a smooth flow at all times.

Scrutineering Support

Scrutineering involves inspection and preparation of boats before the race and ensures boats are suitable for racing and in their correct competition classes.

Registration Volunteer

Helping to get the competitors signed off the day before the race, collecting stickers and timing chips and handling any last minute issues.

Marketing team

Helping to support our marketing campaign with promotional ideas and content and connecting with TV, radio and newspaper outlets to promote our activities in our key catchment areas.

Social Media

An important part of promoting the event online and interacting with competitors, spectators and  volunteers, social media officers help schedule content and assist with connecting us to online groups and communities.

Race Photographer

Capturing the hundreds of boats across the 124km distance is a challenge and race photographers attend key spots along the river capturing the action of the powerboats and paddlecraft.

Community Photographer

With the many festival events and exciting activities going on around the race, these photographers help to capture all of the hustle and bustle each year for promotions on social media.

Recovery Team

Helping to ensure competitors are able to withdraw from the race and assisting in bringing their craft out of the water and to key recovery locations for pickup.

Flag Marshal

Controlling warning flags along the course to assist competitors in identifying obstacles and challenging conditions and helping to prevent blockages and collisions on the water.

Rescue Boat Crew

Attending in rescue boats to help for the rescue and recovery of competitors and their craft in difficult situations and sweeping the river after the race to ensure no one is left behind.

Rescue Swimmer

Attending key rapids and river obstacles with advanced rescue skills and training, these swimmers leap into action during on-water incidents to ensure the safety of all.

...and many more!

Want to get involved as an individual or group?

Getting involved in community is enjoyable and provides a sense of achievement; it’s as simple as A-B-C, Act Belong Commit.

Volunteering with the Avon Descent can be a rewarding, exciting and challenging experience offering real industry experience, valuable networking and unforgettable memories.

Northam’s Avon Descent Association is a proud member of Volunteering WA.

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The Avon Descent is seeking volunteers to work closely with the Event Coordinator to arrange, coordinate and implement this year’s event.

Key aspects:

  • Liaising with many of the 20+ event stakeholder groups
  • Managing multiple secondary events (Sponsor functions, Scrutineering, and Registration)
  • Managing the entry process
  • Key role on Event weekend


  • Minimum of one day per week through to the end of August. This will include being available over the Avon Descent weekend.

For anyone interested in Event Management, Communications and Public Relations this is an amazing opportunity to gain hands on industry experience in a high profile environment, boost your resume and be exposed to networking opportunities.

Know that your efforts will make a difference!

If you want to write, we want to hear from you!

Earn valuable experience and have your work published on our website and social media pages.

Some of the things you might write about include:

  • Competitor profiles
  • Volunteer profiles
  • Promotions and secondary events
  • News
  • Event tips and guidelines

The Marketing and Communications volunteers will be working on the implementation of the marketing plan.

Key aspects:

  • e-Newsletter creation and distribution
  • Photographer coordination
  • Monthly marketing reports
  • Media guide content
  • Occasional media liaison duties
  • Post-event reports

Graphic Design volunteers be responsible for liaising with major news organisations to promote this great event.

Key aspects:

  • Creation of event posters
  • Bumper sticker design
  • Event guide
  • Compilation of media guide
  • Online banners

Traffic Management includes liaising with local councils, community organisations and residents to ensure a clear and practical  Traffic Management Plan is in place during Event Weekend.

Key aspects:

  • Communicating with stakeholders via email and phone to establish involvement and materials required
  • Submitting appropriate applications for approval
  • Preparing Traffic Management documentation and maps
  • Allocating signage

There are lots of volunteer roles for those who can only help over Event Weekend!

  • Parking attendants
  • Administration assistance at Registration (Friday)
  • Sponsorship host/hostess
  • Selling merchandise