Choose Your Class of Craft

Power Dinghys

"A two person powered craft that glides across the surface of the water, capable of reaching speeds up to 70km/h."
• 10hp Standard
• 10hp Super Standard
• 10hp Sports


"A one or two person paddlecraft in which the paddler(s) sit within the craft with their legs enclosed."
• Single Marathon Kayak (<5.2m long)
• Single Wildwater Kayak (<4.5m long)
• Double Marathon Kayak (<6.5m long)


"A rare sight in recent years, the canoe is a one or two person craft that the paddlers sit within, with the entire top of the craft exposed."
• Single Marathon Canoe (<5.2m long)
• Single Wildwater Canoe (<4.3m long)
• Double Marathon Canoe (<6.5m long)
• Double Wildwater Canoe (<5.0m long)


" The most popular category of craft, the ski can be a single or double craft where the paddlers sit with their entire body on top of the craft. "

• Single Ski (<5.79m long)
• Double Ski (<7.32m long)


"Recreational craft includes both skis and kayaks longer than ICF or ILS rule specifications allow. They are mass produced and typically of plastic construction, but can still be very competitive."
• Single Recreational  (kayaks larger than 5.2m, skis larger than 5.79m)
• Double Recreational (kayaks larger than 6.5m, skis larger than 7.32m)

Ocean Racers

"Ocean racers are high performance skis usually of non-plastic materials and constructed longer than standard skis making them faster but less maneuverable."

• Single Ocean Racer (skis longer than 5.79m)


"A newly introduced class in ICF paddle racing, the SUP has the paddler stand on two feet and use a long single bladed paddle for propulsion."

• Single SUP (< 4.28m long)


"Sundry paddlecraft are those more unconventional craft that do not fit within the specifications of the other paddle classes."

• Single Sundry
• Double Sundry
• Triple Sundry