Avon Descent launch promises increased events and youth engagement

Avon Valley Advocate

The 2019 Avon Descent is set to have a family focus with the introduction of Avon Descent Art Challenge, according to sporting director Greg Kaeding. 

At the official event launch last week Mr Kaeding said the 2019 Descent will continue to evolve as it approaches its 50th anniversary in 2022.

“Whilst our plans for our 50th anniversary event in 2022 very much continue to evolve, I am proud of the fact that in 2019 the Northam Avon Descent Association will be again hosting on behalf of the communities of WA longest running multi-sport community adventure event,” he said.

“And whilst we recognise and acknowledge the significant history of the Avon Descent it continues to adapt and change to stay relevant to the demands of the youth of today.

“As such not only do we now have the traditional 124km event for paddle and power aficionados, but 2019 again sees a number of one-day Avon Challenge events which, with ample water, has seen a growth of over 10 per cent in competitor numbers, with increased youth competitors and mix of local, interstate and competitors from international backgrounds.”

The August event will also see the launch of the new Avon Descent Art Challenge. 

Mr Keading said the cultural history of the region is important to integrate into the weekend long competition.

“WA Indigenous heritage and association can not be denied and we will be incorporating in Indigenous art category, school category and family category where the general public promote what the Avon Descent means to them and their families,” he said.

“With cash prizes, free entry and prize pool awards the Avon Descent Art Challenge should rapidly grow in its own right and enhance the promotion of WA’s iconic white water event.”

The 2019 Avon Descent will leave Northam on Saturday, August 3 as it continues through to the City of  Bayswater on Sunday.



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