The King of the Valley!

We are excited to announce a new award for Powerboats this year – the King of the Valley!

The fastest craft to race the river from the start line of day 2 -Cobblers Pool- to Bells Rapids will be awarded the ‘King of the Valley’.  This section of the river is commonly referred to as the Valley. As many racing campaigns have been won and lost in this section of the race, the Avon Descent really revolves around this part of the Avon River for Powerboaters.  It is a real art form, being able to drive the technical section well, and it is quite often not the winner of the event that is the fastest down the Valley.  Therefore, it is a really special talent, when the winner of the Avon Descent also wins the Valley run. Last year, Michael Prosser & Perrin Franks in boat 007 managed to, not only win the race, but also be the fastest boat in the valley.

 With this in mind, a lot of racers feel that the recognition of this ability will be a great addition to the event. There will be a perpetual trophy on offer for the fastest team, as well as a $500 prize. This trophy has some historical significance in that it is made from the bottom half of an outboard engine that was recovered from the river bed half way down the valley following the first Avon Descent. Perth based company “A Grade Glass & Aluminium ( are supporting this trophy.

 Who will be the King of the Valley in 2017? We can’t wait to find out!



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