Fire and Rescue Services Avon Descent Team 2021

Call out to all Fireys to be part of this awesome event!

Anyone can come along and be involved; this is community event all belonging, participation and  doing things with your mates (Act Belong Commit!)



Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th August 2021


How does it work?

The DFES team event has been sanctioned as a DFES supported event, this means for training and participation, all participants are covered under DFES workers compensation policy. Note: Participants still need to apply through normal Avon Descent channels (entry form, for competitors).

This year we are returning to supporting Mental Health initiatives and promoting DFES as an awesome place to work and represent.

Northam’s Avon Descent Association will be providing a specially reserved campsite for the team and support along the river course. Media and promotions will also be conducted as part of the DFES team event.

How can you assist?

  1. As a paddler single, double, triple or relay teams of 2 or 4.
  2. As support crew providing assistance to set up camp, paddler support, drivers, and cheer squad.
  3. If you have craft/equipment available for the DFES team to borrow for the event
  4. Any other way you wish.

Team registration for paddlers will be done as part of your Avon Descent entry.

You will have the option to join Buddy Up Australia as part of your registration. Buddy Up is an organisation for Defense and Emergency Service personal to remain connected for mental health activities/events and volunteering at community events.

If you require a competency to complete the event this can be arranged through the FRS team.

To be part of the team simply enter online via the Avon Descent entry system and indicate that ‘Yes‘ when it asks if your team includes a member of DFES.

What is Buddy Up Australia?

Buddy Up Australia connects Australian serving and ex-service personnel to their community through purposeful volunteering, social and physical activities. 

We are a charity organisation and are about people, not profit, so we don’t want membership costs to get in the way of someone finding the support and community they need. We have set up three tiers of membership so you can choose based on what you are able to contribute right now.

About Garth Civil

Garth has nearly 20 years of service as a career firefighter. During that time, he has seen how the job can create mental health stresses and understands the importance of assisting each other to stay healthy.

As a father of two awesome young men, Garth has had his own challenges affecting his mental health. He credits most of his resilience to his ability to always be actively doing things, particularly with friends.

When he’s not a firefighter, you’ll find Garth in a kayak or on the water participating with others in an event. The sense of belonging to a likeminded group gives him the impetus to continue on, even when the challenges seem insurmountable.

Contact Garth Civil on (08) 9395 9348


Healthway proudly partners with Northam’s Avon Descent Association and Buddy Up Australia to promote the Act Belong Commit message.

  Act     Do Something.

Keep active – mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and culturally. Go for a walk, say hello, read a book, meditate or pray.

  Belong     Do Something with someone.

Keep connected – to friends, family, community and your culture. Join a book club, join a sports team, take a cooking class, go to community events.

  Commit     Do Something meaningful.

Do something meaningful, important and valuable to you. Volunteer, learn something new, take on a challenge, take up a cause, help a neighbour.



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