2018 Belmont Belter Results

The second annual Belmont Belter had some tough conditions with intermittent buffeting of wind and rain but saw for an exciting finish.

Competitors raced an 11km course from Bayswater to Belmont with a turnaround at Guildford Bridge for placement in the top grids in Day 1 in the 2018 Avon Descent. Results below!

Want a position on the top grids next year? Complete your entry during Early Bird and then compete in the Belmont Belter race held at Bayswater Scrutineering for your chance to qualify.

Congratulations to all the competitors!

PlaceRaceIDTotal Finish TimeClassFirst NameLast NameTeam NameTeam Member 1Team Member 2Team Member 3Team Member 4
172000:55:10Sundry Paddle – TripleTree’s A CrowdSmileyAndrewJimmy
234800:55:14Kayak – Single MarathonJoshKippin
335800:55:16Kayak – Single MarathonBrendanRice
432200:58:19Kayak – Single MarathonWilliamLee
533900:58:23Kayak – Single MarathonTravisEngland
637700:58:25Kayak – Single MarathonBenCarrick
750600:59:46Kayak – Double MarathonTeam AlbertsenCimon AlbertsenByron Albertsen
836901:02:13Kayak – Double MarathonSam McCoyPaul GenovesiDarryl Long
933801:02:16Recreational Paddle – SingleWayneMartin
1060401:02:29Paddle Relay – Team of 4Kioutis/Myers/Burke/MelvillePeter KioutisStephen MyersPaul BurkeHelke Melville
1150701:03:20Kayak – Double MarathonTeam Liddle Double TroubleMichael LiddleJane Liddle
1258101:03:22Paddle Relay – Team of 2BrettCassidyLachlan & BrettLachlan ArmstrongBrett Cassidy
1358001:03:26Paddle Relay – Team of 2LachlanArmstrong*
1430501:04:38Kayak – Double MarathonOblaksTom OblakMatt Oblak
1533701:04:41Ski – Single OpenKrisPlain
1637901:06:20Kayak – Single MarathonJohnHilton
1774701:07:00Ocean Racer – SingleDavidMartin
1855301:07:10Paddle Relay – Team of 2Team LiddleBaillie LiddlePeter Liddle
1988801:07:13Kayak – Single MarathonSamPilton
2032401:07:15Kayak – Single WildwaterPhillLangley
2133401:07:17Kayak – Single WildwaterPhilEdwards
2235301:09:04Ski – Single OpenPeterGigengack
2330301:09:07Recreational Paddle – SingleWarrenSouthwell
2434601:09:12Ski – Single OpenKieraAlbertsen
2552401:10:16Ski – Single OpenRonMckenzie
2658901:11:31Kayak – Double MarathonIngweAlan ByeLauren Stafford
2737301:12:50Recreational Paddle – SingleJoseCosta
2838501:13:20Ski – Single OpenMichaelSwain
2934701:13:28Ski – Single OpenMatthewCallaghan
3034001:13:30Ski – Single OpenlukeDillon
3134501:13:53Ski – Single OpenTonyMaley
3237201:13:55Ski – Single OpenAngusMcPhee
3356501:14:12Paddle Relay – Team of 2Wet n WildJared GravesNigel Emmett
3444701:16:08Ski – Single OpenKevinKelly
3539701:17:28Ski – Single OpenMorrisNewton
3637501:19:56Ski – Single OpenGlennJohnson
3738301:21:35Kayak – Single MarathonDomD’Leno
3837801:21:51Kayak – Single MarathonSimonO’Sullivan
3931801:22:02Ski – Single OpenMitchellPearce
4056901:22:45Paddle Relay – Team of 2McRaeMarion McRaeRobert Bucat
4171201:32:35Kayak – Single MarathonMelanieHackett
43306DNFRecreational Paddle – SingleHughMackenzie
44365DNFKayak – Single WildwaterPhilLansell
NOTE: Lachlan Armstrong of team 581 competed in team boat 580 for the qualifying race only



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