Worldwide Coverage of the Avon Descent on CNBC

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Worldwide Coverage of the Avon Descent on CNBC

What a great weekend we have coming up for the worldwide awareness of the Avon Descent. Our yearly 30-minute TV -special from 2016 will be aired on CNBC –  not only in Australia but also in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. If you live abroad or have international friends, who have always wanted to know what the Avon Descent is all about- this is YOUR chance.

Airing times are the following on March 18th/ 19th:

  • Asia (SIN/HK)              Sat 1430, Sun 1400
  • Australia/NZ (SYD)     Sat 1130, 1430, Sun 1100, 1400
  • EMEA (CET)                  Sat 1130, 1430, Sun 1100, 1400
  • LatAm (MEX)               Sat 1230, Sun 1200

*Cities represent time zones*


Spread the word and let’s bring the Avon Descent to the world!

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Want to get involved?

Avon Descent Support Unit Training

The Avon Descent offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities from rescue and recovery to administration, event management, marketing and graphics design and we are always seeking new talent to help us in delivering an amazing event.

If you are interested in volunteering please visit our Get Involved page today to find out more.