Water Contingency Plan: Paddle Craft Update

Avon Descenters, this is the confirmed course for the paddlers for the 2015 Avon Descent. The cut-off times will be released as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience!

Day One: 35 km Distance

Start Katrine

9.00 am           Paddle craft start

Teams Changeover:

#1 Dumbarton Bridge – 7 kms

#2 Newcastle Bridge (Duidgee Park) – 8 kms

#3 Wetherall Reserve – 9 kms

Finish cobblers Pool – 11 kms

Day Two: 39 kms Distance

Start, Walyunga national Park (bottom pool)

8:00 am           Paddle craft start

Teams Changeover:

#1 Bells Rapid – 5 kms

#2 Amiens Crescent – 7 kms

#3 Middle Swan Bridge – 11 kms

Finish Hinds Reserve – 15 kms



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