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Volunteering provides the opportunity to feel part of the community and meet likeminded people with similar interest and goals. This gives us a sense of belonging which helps us keep mentally healthy. Whatever your  reasons for volunteering, it is clear that engaging in volunteer work improves self-esteem, confidence, provides us with a sense of achievement and greater control over our lives. All these things contribute to good mental health. The Avon Descent is underpinned by two pillars -the competitors and the volunteers. The pinnacle of the volunteers is the Act Belong Commit Avon Descent Support Unit.  Partnering with Act Belong Commit is a great synergy as both organisations embody the Act-Belong-Commit message through participation and volunteering”

Kevin Harrison, Chairman of the Avon Descent for 18 years


“One thing all volunteer groups have in common is the fantastic culture of the people within them. 

Volunteers are a very special group of people who give their time for the betterment of society.  I’m privileged to lead a group of volunteers who brave freezing cold conditions to ensure every competitor in the Avon Descent makes it home to their families safely. In return for volunteering we all gain new skills and make some wonderful friendships along the way.”

Simon Lalor, Act Belong Commit ADSU Manager, Volunteer with the Act Belong Commit ADSU for 15 years

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 The Act Belong Commit Avon Descent Support Unit (ADSU) is a dedicated team of volunteers specifically focused on the safety of everyone involved in the Avon Descent.  The ADSU is funded by Healthways under the Act, Belong, Commit program and we provide our members with specialist training to ensure a safe and fun event for all. Our training begins in February each year with a camping trip down in Collie, using the water release from Wellington Dam to provide our swift water environment.

Our training is based on nationally and internationally recognized standards which we adapt to suit the Avon Descent environment. The race weekend is a very busy, but exceptionally enjoyable weekend which relies on the continued commitment of the volunteers in the Rescue and Recovery teams to perform at their very best. We all hope you enjoy your race, and we look forward to a great event


Volunteers Wanted

Are you into the great outdoors, 4-wheel driving, camping or visiting National Parks?

The Avon Descent is seeking volunteers to assist with the conduct of the upcoming event. Volunteers will be part of the Act Belong Commit Avon Descent Support Unit who assist the participants in the Avon Descent to have a safe and enjoyable event.

Volunteers handle tasks throughout the weekend including rescue of competitors, recovery of competitors and craft, parking, time keeping, security, ambulance services, fire protection, and many more.

Act Belong Commit Avon Descent Support Unit volunteers will spend the weekend along the course:

  • Encouraging participants
  • Assisting participants as required
  • Helping supporters and spectators

Free Training

Act Belong Commit ADSU volunteers are well prepared through practical training conducted once a month on a Sunday morning during the months leading up to the event. All current volunteers are required to refresh their knowledge and skills and assist with the training of new volunteers.

Volunteers have the opportunity to undertake:

  • Basic first aid and rescue training
  • Intermediate and Advanced two day intensive Swiftwater Rescue training

All necessary equipment, including personal safety equipment for both training and the Event, is provided except wetsuits.


For More Information and to Volunteer

Visit the Act Belong Commit Avon Descent Support Unit website or contact us via email

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Want to get involved?

Avon Descent Support Unit Training

The Avon Descent offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities from rescue and recovery to administration, event management, marketing and graphics design and we are always seeking new talent to help us in delivering an amazing event.

If you are interested in volunteering please visit our Get Involved page today to find out more.

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