Low Water Contingency Plan

After much consideration and discussion, taking into account the safety and welfare of all competitors, the organisers of the Avon Descent would like to advise the details of the Low Water Contingency Plan.

PLAN A:  The 2015 Avon Descent Low Water Contingency Plan will be adopted in the event we fail to receive substantial rain over the next two weeks.


PLAN B:  If the current levels in the Rivers fail to improve considerably we will adopt the following Low Water Contingency Plan which has been formulated as a worst case scenario:

DAY 1          Katrine to Cobbler Pool

DAY 2          Walyunga to Bayswater

Notification of the final course with details will be made on Tuesday 28 July 2015.

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Download: 2015 Avon Descent Low Water Contingency Plan



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