Event cost breakdown: where do my entry fees go?

Our sponsors are essential to the running of the Avon Descent. Here is why…

When the first craft departed from Northam 43 years ago to navigate the Avon and Swan Rivers down to Perth there were virtually no rules and regulations and no conditions restricting the competitors. The Event today would not be able to proceed without complying with governance systems and documentation and strict conditions set by authorities.

In addition to normal business practices, including budgets, cash flows, operation plans and timelines ,marketing and communication plans, stakeholder engagement and community and volunteer engagement, there is a need to comply with numerous conditions set  by authorities. Such authorities include:

  • Local government
  • Western Australian Police Force
  • Water and Rivers Commission
  • Department Of Transport
  • Fire and Emergency Services Authority

To cover the risk management process and delivery plans required include:

  • Emergency Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Crisis Communication Plans
  • Low Water Contingency Plans
  • Avon Support Unit Rescue and Recovery Plans
  • Cobblers Pool Evacuation and Fire Plan
  • Explosives Management Plans
  • Environmental Management  Plans
  • Event Medical Plans

Don’t my entry fees cover all of this?

For every $1.00 paid in entry fees the following expenses are incurred:

Administration 0.06
Event Management 0.30
Insurance 0.15
Printing 0.08
Trophies/ medallions 0.07
Event Prizes 0.14
Competitor Packs 0.20
Scrutineering 0.04
Timing 0.10
Pre-Race Preparations 0.12
Signage 0.11
Campsite 0.10
Equipment Hire 0.27
Support Groups 0.21
Avon Support Unit 0.20




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