Why paddle in a team?

Team entries are a fantastic way to begin your Avon Descent journey. They offer a much easier and more affordable way for competitors to compete in the race, whether novice paddlers or experienced veterans.


Teams allow competitors to share boats, life jackets and helmets, to divide up the amount of distance paddled and give you a great cooperative atmosphere for tackling what otherwise might be a fairly daunting race.


Novice paddlers building up to a complete Avon Descent

Paddlers with Avon Descent experience looking for an alternative option to access the event

Groups of friends and colleagues looking for a challenge

Elite competitors in Teams competing for the prize money


Please Note: All Support Crews must wear a life jacket/PFD when entering the water or risk disqualification for their team.

The Course

The two day course will be split into eight race stages with each paddler completing two stages per day for pairs and one stage per day for fours.


Stage 1                  Northam Start Line to Katrine Bridge                            17 km

Stage 2                  Katrine Bridge to Newcastle Bridge                               15 km

Stage 3                  Newcastle Bridge to Wetherall Reserve                         9 km

Stage 4                  Wetherall Reserve to Cobblers Pool                             11 km



Stage 5/6              Cobblers Pool to Stronghills Farm                                  18 km

Stage 7                 Stronghills Farm to Bells Rapid                                       21 km

Stage 8                 Bells Rapid to Middle Swan Bridge                                 18 km

Stage 9                 Middle Swan Bridge to Bayswater Finish Line                15 km


Stage Information for Competitors and Support Crew

Stage 1

Katrine Bridge changeover is on the right hand bank below Katrine Bridge heading downstream. Parking at the car park or road verge, follow instructions of parking crew. Carry change boat over bridge to change point.


Stage 2

Newcastle Bridge changeover is on the left hand bank at Duidgee Park heading downstream below the Newcastle Bridge (previously Bolgart Bridge). Park in the car park at Duidgee Park, Toodyay.


Stage 3

Wetherall Reserve change over is on the leftbank of the river 1.5km downstream of the West Toodyay Bridge. Follow Julimar Rd to the intersection with River Rd, travel down River Road for 1.5km and park on road verge.


Stage 4

Cobblers Pool is the finish of day 1.  Park in the car park provided at the Boral Cobblers Pool campsite.


Stage 5/6

Drive with your headlights on. Turn right coming out of the campsite.  Stronghill’s Farm is in the centre of the Avon Valley. Follow the Valley Road. NO STOPPING ON THIS ROAD except for specified Teams Change Over points.  Police will be patrolling and please follow directions of officials. A Race Official will check you into the Valley Road access point – only one car per team  – INCLUDE PADDLER 2 & 3. Follow instructions of parking officials.


Stage 7

Drive with your headlights on.  Follow the valley road to Bells Rapid.  NO STOPPING ON THIS ROAD EXCEPT FOR DESIGNATED CHANGEOVER POINTS. GIVE WAY TO EMERGENCY VEHICLES. Parking is at the lower car park at Bell’s Rapid.


Stage 8

The changeover is on the left hand bank heading downstream at the bottom of Bells lower car park.  Travel to Middle Swan Bridge and park in the parking area.


Stage 9

The Middle Swan Bridge changeover is on the right hand bank.  Travel to Riverside Gardens in Bayswater, and follow directions to parking.



Pairs can only paddle 2 sections each per day. Pairs can paddle consecutive sections, however MUST portage at the intersecting changeover point. Fours must changeover at each changeover point and each paddler must paddle one section per day.


Support Crew Information

Support Crew vehicle/s must display the relevant Support Crew sticker on the front windscreen (clearly visible to officials).

Each Team is issued with 1 (one only) Valley sticker and this allows access to the Valley Road on Day 2, turn right when leaving the campsite (stage 5 & 6).

Please note: 1 (one) Support Crew vehicle per team is permitted down the Valley Road and the vehicle must display the Valley sticker on the front windscreen clearly visible to officials otherwise no access to the Valley Road will be permitted.

The Valley Road is a private road and for the Avon Decent to continue using this road competitors and support crew must be mindful and respect its use.  Support crew vehicles must always give way to emergency vehicles and obey all directions of race officials. No stopping is permitted on the Valley Road except at designated changeover points.