Brookfield Rail Safety Alert

2013 Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent Rail Safety Alert

Brookfield Rail owns and operates more than 5,100km of critical rail infrastructure throughout the southern half of Western Australia, with 339km of this residing in the Avon Valley.

We wish to remind you that trains will still operate as normal through the Avon Valley over the Avon Descent weekend, so please be extra vigilant around the railway.

At Brookfield Rail, the safety of our people, customers and communities is our priority.

Please remember that when crossing the railway by foot or in a vehicle, ONLY cross at designated crossings. Trespass on the rail corridor without appropriate permission is illegal, and highly dangerous.

Over the event weekend we’d also like to remind you to follow the instructions from Brookfield Rail employees and obey the stop signs at level crossings.



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