2017 Belmont Belter Results!

The results for the first ever Belmont Belter paddle race are now available!

Congratulations to the place winners and all of the competitors. All valid entrants are eligible for priority grid placement on Day 1 of the Avon Descent

PlaceRaceIDStage 1 TimeStage 2 TimeTotal Time TakenFirst NameLast NameTeam MembersClass
13010:31:490:15:070:46:56Josh Kippin, Brendan RiceTeam (Paddle) - Team of 2
27200:30:160:16:430:46:59MatthewDeanJames MorfittKayak - Double Marathon
33220:29:590:17:070:47:06WilliamLeeKayak - Single Marathon
43070:30:040:17:160:47:20TravisEnglandKayak - Single Marathon
53370:32:560:17:430:50:39AlanAlbertKayak - Single Marathon
63190:33:050:17:360:50:41WayneMartinRecreational - Single
73690:33:290:20:030:53:32DarrylLongSki - Single Spec Composite
88620:35:080:18:250:53:33Gary Clarke, Thomas RoganTeam (Paddle) - Team of 2
97540:35:030:19:010:54:04BradStewartSki - Single Open
103160:36:070:17:590:54:06KrisPlainSki - Single Open
113660:36:170:18:280:54:45Cimon Albertsen, Byron AlbertsenSki - Double Open
1232110:01:100:54:47Troy Baird, Brad HeadlingTeam (Paddle) - Team of 2
133250:36:120:18:370:54:49Peter Liddle and Michael LiddleKayak - Double Marathon
143080:36:190:18:310:54:50EddieStoelwinderKayak - Single Marathon
153420:35:140:20:280:55:42BrettYoungKayak - Single Marathon
168880:36:220:19:200:55:42SamPiltonKayak - Single Marathon
1796310:00:150:55:42EuanCameronKayak - Single Marathon
183339:59:380:56:19AndrewHewlettKayak - Single Marathon
193560:37:200:19:350:56:55RonClarkeSki - Single Open
203030:37:240:19:330:56:57KevinKellyKayak - Single Marathon
213180:37:260:19:380:57:04michaellaloliKayak - Single Marathon
228439:58:430:57:14Gavin Plows, CharlesRecreational - Double
233020:37:420:21:080:58:50WarrenSouthwellRecreational - Single
245240:37:460:21:070:58:53RonMckenzieSki - Single Open
253200:38:210:21:230:59:44BaillieLiddleKayak - Single Marathon
267100:39:12MattOblakRecreational - Single
274000:41:050:18:410:59:46Kevin Volek, Graham HuntTeam (Paddle) - Team of 2
283060:43:100:22:351:05:45Alan Morbey and Stephen CoffeyTeam (Paddle) - Team of 2
293450:41:370:24:111:05:48Erica Mcknight, Craig Metzke, Trevor Longwood, Jane LiddleTeam (Paddle) - Team of 4
307920:43:290:22:211:05:50MorrisNewtonSki - Single Open
313589:47:501:08:07NeilCowleySki - Single Open
323610:46:240:23:341:09:58GavinEvansSki - Single Open
333260:46:180:23:421:10:00CraigWhittomeSki - Single Open
343270:36:14DNFDaveAllanSki - Single Open
353410:42:52DNFJacquesvan RensburgSki - Single Open
363440:52:36DNFChadSorensenSki - Single Open



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