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Avon Descent Entry – Final Step! The Entry Fee


You’re almost done! Now the entry fee.

Select the entry fee from the list below, add it to your cart and then complete the purchase via the checkout.

You will find some frequently asked questions below to assist you.

Other questions? Head over to our Contact Us page!

Only one person on your team pays the entry fee. You can decide who in your team will do this, but be sure to mention all members of your team members in the “Note” section at checkout to make processing your entry easier for us.

Until someone in your team has paid the fee, your entry will not be complete so be careful not to skip this step!

If you have won a free or discounted entry, you should have received an email with instructions and your entry prize code in it. Simply add the appropriate entry fee to your cart, and then enter the code on the checkout page and complete the purchase as normal.

If you have not received an email please get in touch via our Contact Us page

A fantastic and unforgettable weekend in one of Australia’s most loved races!

In addition to this, you will have the chance to win prizes within your chosen Class and receive a race pack on entry.

Your race pack is collected on Scrutineering weekend and includes your race stickers, an event guide, some things from our sponsors and some goodies we have prepared for you!

If you have won myAvon store credit as a prize, this unfortunately cannot be used towards your entry fee. First complete checkout with the entry fee then navigate back to the store, add your desired items to the basket and then apply your Coupon prize code.


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