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Emergency Warming Pack, Reusable

$ 11.95 inc. GST

Emergency Warming Pack, Reusable

$ 11.95 inc. GST

In stock

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Perfect to aid competitor recovery during or after the Avon Descent, or simply for added comfort on those cold nights camping at Cobbler Pool!

Simply click the internal metal disc two to four times to create a chemical reaction within the pouch. Once activated, the liquid will begin to crystallise warming to a cosy 55?C!

The heat pack will produce heat for around 30 minutes uninsulated, or for several hours when kept insulated such as under clothing.

When you want to reuse the pack, simply boil in water for 5-10 minutes until the pack returns to liquid and leave to cool and the heat pack will be ready to use again. Contents are non-toxic.

Never be caught out in the cold again!


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