As with all things in life, the bigger the challenge… the bigger the reward. Most first time paddlers recall their first finish as one of the most incredible moments of their life. It’s amazing what your mind and body can achieve. So step up, sign up for the challenge and redefine your limits.

Once you've tried the Avon Descent, you'll be hooked.

General Guide


It is important for us that all competitors have a fun and enjoy their two days of racing. For that reason, we have practice days and pre-race safety briefings. Read through the Race Details page which details all the important information to make sure you're up to date. You can find all relevant dates in our schedule.

Teams of 2 or 4


Take up the challenge of the Avon Descent in a team of two or a team of four. It's a great way to experience the Avon Descent for novice paddlers to build up to a solo experience, for a group of friends that are looking for a new challenge or for experienced paddlers that are looking for a new way to experience the Avon. You find here everything you need to know that is specific for team paddlers.

Support Crews


The members of the team that are the backbone - the support crew. Every competitor (solo and team) has to have at least one support crew member. You can find here all important details. Don't forget, there is a prize for the best dressed support crew.

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