The Avon Power Challenge


Don’t want to compete in the full race but still want some powerboat action?

Jump into the Avon Power Challenge, a new Avon Decent Racing competition started in 2018. Competitors start on the Avon Descent start line on Saturday morning and race downriver towards Cobbler Pool. Competitors must be  14 and above in the year of the event (must have parental and PDRC permission to race)

Be a part of the Avon Descent atmosphere without needing to commit to the whole race!

Total Distance: 52km

Terms of Entry

The standard Avon Descent rules apply to this race, except for the following exclusions as per clause 2.4.7 of the Avon Descent Event Rules:

  • Competitors can compete in any suitable craft with a 10hp or less motor including 8hp and 7.5hp (subject to PDRC approval).
  • Aluminium craft are permitted
  • Entrants must be 14 years or over in the year of the event. Entrants under 18 require permission from a parent or guardian and from PDRC to participate
  • Compulsory portage of Williamson Weir – can be down the weir face but boat must stop on top of the weir. Support crew may assist portage but only if carrying craft around rapid.

Entry Fee

2019 – $370 ($320 Early Bird)

To enter the Avon Power Challenge Click Here