2021 Paddler Seeding

Avon Descent 2021
13, 14 & 15 August

Avon Descent Paddler Seeding Races are back in 2021

Read on to learn all about the new initiative we are introducing for paddlers in the 2021 Avon Descent.

Following feedback from the paddler community and an internal review, Northam’s Avon Descent Association has partnered with Paddle WA to introduce a seeding race calendar for paddlers seeking front grid placement on Day One of the event.

How will it work?

The Avon Descent paddling season is back and more exciting than ever. Paddlers seeking front grid placements in 2021 will be awarded points for participation in key designated seeding races.

These races have been specifically selected to offer increasing distance and difficulty to help train fitness and experience in preparation for the Avon Descent.

Flatwater > Fast Water > Whitewater

Which Races will be Seeding Races?

  1. LiveLighter Paddle Challenge
  2. LiveLighter Northam to Toodyay Race
  3. Walyunga to Middleswan “Showdown”

1.    LiveLighter Paddle Challenge – 13th June 2021

Entries are CLOSED

A flatwater race starting and finishing in Hinds Reserve, Bayswater.

  • The 18kmlong course, this will become the first seeding race for 2021 Avon Descent grid placings.
  • Other courses available include: 11km medium course, 6km short course and a 3.5km guppy course (but do not count towards seeding)

2.    The Northam to Toodyay Race – 18th July 2021

Enter here

This is a 30km fastwater race starting in Northam and covering the first 30km of the Avon Descent course, finishing up at Duidgee Park in Toodyay. A perfect introduction into the Avon Descent, paddlers must wear a helmet and life jacket to participate and must be 16 years or older.

3.    Walyunga to Middleswan “Showdown” – 25th July 2021

A brand new 23km race being run in cooperation with Wildwater WA, the race will involve whitewater, fast water and flatwater stretches, starting at Walyunga and finishing at Middleswan Reserve.

This will be the most challenging race of the three and will be the final “showdown” to determine the Day One front grids.

More information about this race will be announced in June.


How Will Seeding Work?

Competitors will receive points for:

  1. Higher placement in a race, more points awarded (see below)
  2. The more races participated in, the more points awarded
  3. Entering the Avon Descent prior to a race, extra points awarded
  4. Where two competitors have the same number of points at the end, they will be differentiated by total race time across all 3 races.
  5. Wildcard draws will be held for bonus points
  6. International and interstate paddlers are assessed and gridded on a discretionary basis to be alongside those of equal skill level
  7. Teams, doubles and triples will be gridded according to the team member with the highest individual points across the 3 races

Points System

5 points

Participating in each seeding race (must start the race)

Getting a top 20 placement in a seeding race


1st Place

+15 Points


2nd Place

+14 Points


3rd Place

+13 Points


4th Place

+7 Points


5th Place

+6 Points


6th-8th Place

+5 Points


9th-11th Place

+4 Points


12th-14th Place

+3 Points


15th-17th Place

+2 Points


18th-20th Place

+1 Points


+5 points

Entering the Avon Descent prior to each seeding race (MUST have paid Avon Descent entry fee before the designated cut-off date of each seeding race)

+5 points

Random draw bonus (only entrants who have entered the 2021 Avon Descent prior to the draw are eligible)

Up to 25 points may be won per seeding race (excluding random point draws)


2021 Avon Descent Paddle Grid Order



Grid 1

Single Sit Ins, Marathon

Grid 2

Single Sit Ins, Marathon

Grid 3

Single Sit on Tops

Grid 4

Single Sit on Tops

Grid 5

Double Sit Ins

Grid 6

Double Sit on Tops

Grid 7

2 x 60 Relay Teams

Grid 8Single Sit Ins, Wildwater

Grid 9

Single Sit on Tops

Grid 10

Double Sit Ins

Grid 11

Double Sit on Tops

Grid 12

2 x 60 Relay Teams

Grid 13

4 x 30 Relay Teams, Optional Female Grid

Grid 14 and beyond

Gridded in Order of Entry received regardless of class

Last Grid

Sundry Paddle

Note: Female grid is optional. All-female entries may opt to start in this grid or may instead opt to be gridded according to seeding points/Order of entry.

An online points tally system will be created showing the accumulation of points after each seeding race.

Want to be on the front grids? Then get your entries in and start training!


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